Full Stack Development Lead

What we're looking for

Someone who can lead a team, role up their sleeves, write code and own the development of 30 Friends.

We are looking for an individual to help direct and build the growing team at 30 Friends. You should have the ability to move development forward in a timely and efficient way while developing best practices within our development team. As a startup, we are looking for a proactive individual with a fast-flowing mindset and the ability to lead the development team.

We are looking for more focus on deliveries in the AGILE working environment. We are offering the opportunity to build a development team in a rapidly growing organization.

This new team member will help us move the product forward own the code. 30 Friends is in need of someone who can help us think about product scalability and adding new functionality and features while being very hands on. This will be a learning position with a lot of ability to explore other areas and see all facets of the business as it grows.

If you would like to get in contact with the team to discuss any of the above positions further please email:
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