Make new and real connections

Join and hang out in lounges to meet people with similar interests. Then, jump into a series of small, timed video chats to get to know one another!
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Meet, then socialize

Unlike tools made for business meetings, 30 Friends is a platform for having fun and making genuine connections.

Talk in a natural environment

It's natural to meet people in small groups. 30 Friends makes meeting new people less awkward and improves chances to genuinely connect.

Mixing up groups

It all starts by entering a virtual lounge, then getting placed into a chat in smaller groups.
We’ll mix up the groups regularly so things stay new and exciting.

Who is 30 Friends for?


Set up an online campus with multiple common spaces to find other students.
Host events like:
  • Socials & mixers
  • Student org meetups
  • Study groups


A virtual place for your team to meet, socialize, and network virtually.
Host events like:
  • Happy hours
  • Orientations
  • Interest groups

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