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Unlike tools made for business meetings, 30 Friends is a platform for having fun and making genuine connections.

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No more awkwardness.

Meeting new people is never easy. Awkward silence? Yikes. 30 Friends provides icebreaker prompts so users never run out of things to talk about.

Break down borders

Locations all over the world? Use 30 Friends to allow your organization to network and connect across borders.


Celebrate successes, events, and social occasions to help people share special moments together.

Who is 30 Friends for?


Set up an online campus with multiple common spaces to find other students.
Host events like:
  • Socials & mixers
  • Student org meetups
  • Study groups


A virtual place for your team to meet, socialize, and network virtually.
Host events like:
  • Happy hours
  • Orientations
  • Interest groups

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