30 Friends is a social tool which enables users to
meet, socialize and network with new people.  
Our platform also has tools that encourage
better conversations and allow users to
connect with other people.

What is 30 Friends?

Meet Our Team

We are an enthusiastic and people focused leadership team in California & the UK. We are growing quickly with early investors excited about our product and helping us lead the way through development.


Amit Bhambi


Rohan Sharma


Rob Wheeler



Patti Williams


Paramjit Uppal

Advisor & Investor

Sourav Dey

Technology Advisor

Design & Development

Yue Jiao

Gabe Kotsonis

Samuel Ho

Abhishek Rath

William Louis

Yuvraj Shridhar

Natalie Powell

Strategy & Marketing

Sari Strizik

Jonathan Chen

Jay Bhadra

Oscar Nicholls